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Make Out Sessions


 The streets are saying that Rihanna and Drake were making out at Lucky Strike in NYC:

RIHANNA is officially over Chris Brown. The Barbadian beauty showed up with a group of friends Monday at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on West 42nd Street, but spent most of the night locking lips with Canadian former child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham. “She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,” says a spy. “They were really cute together.” RIHANNA, who’s also been spending time in town with Katy Perry, peeled off with Drake at about midnight.

 If nothing else comes of this, I predict a hot collabo in the near future. 


Reagan Gomez-Preston and her husband DeWayne Turrentine smooched it up at Fox while promoting Reagan’s upcoming animated series “The Clevelands.”


Now for the most interesting hook-up.  Lauren London a.ka. New New is pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby. No you may have known that might you might not know this. Lil Wayne was supposedly Lauren’s first!  Here’s what an ex-boyfriend of Lauren had to say back in 2007:

I was shocked when I read that Lauren is BACK with Wayne! Yeah, I said BACK. Let me put you on. Wayne was Lauren’s FIRST (I’m sure you know what that means) back in like 2000. How do I know? Cause I’m Lauren’s ex man.  They had matching tats and all that. Last summer Wayne was on the cover of the Source (magazine) and if you find that cover look at his right forearm, it said “Lauren”. It’s covered up now. She also had his name on her lower back, it’s now covered up too.  I have nothing negative to say about Baby Girl, she’s beautiful inside and out. I just find it strange that they’re back together after what she told me about dude!!!!! But that’s another story!

I want to know what Wayne was doing to Lauren back then and why she’s now pregnant with his baby 2 years later.  What’s even crazier is that Lauren wants to terminate the pregnancy but Wayne is forcing her to keep the baby.  Lauren and Wayne have been fronting like everything is all good.  Lauren even issued this statement:,“At first we weren’t happy about the pregnancy but now we are fine. Wayne and I will happily raise this baby together.” But Lauren is allegedly not happy about the pregnancy at all.  Wayne is pressuring her to keep the baby and threatening to tell the public if she has an abortion.  Now she’s decided to keep the baby because she fears what news of an abortion would do to her career.  According to a cousin of Lauren, “Lauren is letting everyone close know this is not what she planned. She’s mainly worried what effect this will have on her career. She doesn’t want to be stigmatized as just Lil Wayne’s baby mama.”   This is a mess. I say Lauren should do whatever the hell she thinks is right for her.  Lil Wayne is a hot azz mess and he really doesn’t have a right to tell any woman what to do with her body.  I’m just happy that the baby will be well taken care of and hopefully Lauren improves her taste in men after this. 



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2 Responses

  1. kunta says:

    ri ri and drake??!! he better watch for them herpes…from what i hear they’ll get ya and how he gon’ explain that in degrassi land

  2. […] and Rihanna are rumored to have something goin’ on but after he slyly professes his love at a concert in Toronto, I’m inclined to think that […]

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