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The Dirty Money Crew


After listening to Dawn’s interview following the MTB4 reunion, I was very curious about this new group that Diddy was forming.  Dawn described the new music as “train music” and said that this is going to be an epic movement.  Well I knew Diddy was in the group and Dawn was a member but who was this mystery “chocolate girl” that was supposed to be changing the game? I did a little digging and found out that her name is Kalenna and she’s been in the game for a while.  The group is called Dirty Money and they will all be equal members of the group.  Diddy won’t be the frontman, he will rap and the girls will sing but they will all have equal time on the album.  Here’s what Diddy had to say about the album:

Last Train to Paris is deeper than any of the other stuff I have ever made. It’s a profound love story. It’s me with my shades off. It’s the truth,” Diddy says. “I’ve been a businessman for the past two years. It’s time for me to focus on being an artist again. I am going to show the world a new refreshing side of me. Get on or get off!”

This is going to be interesting.  The album drops on September 22 but I’m sure there will be a lot of hardcore promotion before then.  Get ready for the movement!

Check out the unofficial video for Diddy’s new song Diddy Bop:

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