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Rihanna got humped/Ashanti got Dumped


I have seen more star studded T&A this week than I ever thought I would see in a lifetime.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but it’s still been way too much.  First, Cassie’s  nipplegate and then the whispers started about nudies of Rih Rih.  Kelis is supposed to have a sex tape with some unknown rapper named Infrared and I just know that is next to be released.  Rihanna has been working so hard making sure that everyone tunes in daily to her personal fashion show.  This chick is wearing Versace to the Port-a-potty. But that’s to be expected from a style star who’s under a microscope right now.  But to have freaky pictures leaked featuring the man who gave you a royal beatdown sets you back just a wee bit, don’t you think?  That being said there are really only two people in this situation who could have released the photos and which person would benefit more? Would it be the man who’s on trial and trying to prove that is ex ain’t an angel or is it the pop princess that believes all press is good press?  Either way, I’ve seen enough pierced nipples to last me a lifetime.  See Riri go wild and discover why Cassie’s such a hot commodity at Bad Boy

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