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The Reality Wrap-Up-I Love Money 2, Candy Girls, Gotti’s Way


Myammee can officially buy all the hair she wants. She won I Love Money 2 and cried like a baby.  I understand her happiness because $250,000 is a lot of money but her reaction was a bit over the top. She fell out crying like she’s got a loan shark on her azz back in Florida.  But I’m happy for her and since she doesn’t need a boob job or booty implants then she just might spend her loot on something constructive.  I honestly thought “IT” was gonna pull through and stop the dumb act and win the money. I was so terribly wrong and I’m starting to think he really was one of those kids that rode the short bus to school.  I always thought his stupidity was an act but judging from the way he acted with all of that money on the line, he just might be a damn fool.  If Prancer was able to compete in the final three, she probably would have won so I must applaud Myammee for choosing the right people in the end.  Did anyone else see Tailor Made’s hand after he fought that block of ice?  Judging from his bloody knuckles, I would say that the ice won the fight.  Check out the VH1 blogs to read exit interviews from Myammee, Tailor Made, Prancer and all of the other contestants.


The finale of Candy Girls aired on Sunday and it was the best episode that I’ve seen yet.  I don’t understand why they waited this long to have some drama worth watching but I guess they’re trying to guarantee themselves a second season.   The drama started when Kysha, assistant to the agency owner, decided that she would send all of the models to the wrong location for one of their gigs.  From then on, they had beef with her and little spats started erupting.  Everything came to a head when the agency owner, Danielle, fired Kysha as her assistant and rehired her as an agency model.  Kysha and Danielle are best friends so not only did she rehire but she allowed her to move into the loft with the other models.  She had to know that if these girls ain’t like each other from a distance, the situation wasn’t going to get better by having them all live together. But for the sake of good tv, I guess anything goes.  Kysha ran up in the house acting a fool and lost her mind when she threw Brooke’s $2,500 bag on the floor.  Brooke wasn’t going for that and attempted to dish out a can of whoop azz on Kysha.  The show is definitely scripted but it was evident that nobody told Brooke what was about to go down and they didn’t expect her to wild out like she did.  But I don’t blame her for the anger.  That cost of that bag was probably equivalent to 2 video shoots and an awkward moment with a nasty rapper. Video vixens work hard for the money!!

Peep the entire episode at the end of the post.



Last but not least, the second season of Gotti’s Way premiered on VH1.  I don’t have much to say about this because it’s just an all around mess.  Irv has no respect for his wife and she just lets him trample all over her.  It seems like she’s finally getting her mind right and I hope so for her children’s sake.  Essence magazine interviewed her and here’s a snippet of what she had to say:

ESSENCE.COM: Last season’s finale was pretty ambiguous and left viewers wondering about your future with Irv. What can we expect this season?
You’re going to see more of me breaking the cycle and speaking up for myself. Last season I was extremely quiet and just accepting of the way things were. Watching myself on television was an eye-opener. I was like, Omigod, this is what you’ve been dealing with? Poor thang. Are you crazy? Get it together! When you’re in a situation you don’t see what the world see; it’s like my eyes were wide shut but not anymore.

ESSENCE.COM: So are you hoping that having Irv adhere to your rules will help toward your reconciliation or are you living the single life?
Honestly, there’s nothing there between me and Irv. That’s my buddy. That’s the only way I look at him now. We joke around, we still fight, but it’s different. Of course, I don’t want to see anything happen to him and we do love each other but we are not in love. Regarding me dating, I have before but it never felt right so I don’t. I know I wouldn’t want to date someone who is “separated’ because I’d always think that there’s a chance they could get back together and I feel like it’s a sin. For me to truly move forward, I need to end this first and settle it up. I just hope that my kids will be good with whatever the outcome.

Read the entire interview here


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