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U Likey or U Hatey?


Rihanna showed up to the Costume Institue Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC wearing this Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo-inspired get-up.  The event’s theme was “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion.”  I can see where the designer was going with this. The puffy sleeve is in and shoulder pads are even coming back. I have never been a fan of the shoulder pad even when it was considered a fashion “do” but I do enjoy a puffy sleeve.  This exaggerated look is daring but I’m not feeling it.  Maybe it’s the bow-tie, gloves and ankle pants.  This look is so strong that those little extras make it a little overdone.  This could possibly work on the runway and that was probably the idea but I still don’t like it.  Do you think this look embodies fashion? Is this fashion forward or a fashion fail?  U likey or U hatey? Sorry Rih Rih but Me Hatey!


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  1. […] risks lately.  Her ensemble at the Costume Institue Gala didn’t float my boat but the Dolce and Gabbana suit was a brave fashion move.  She hasn’t stopped there.  She has been on the move taking […]

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