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Love, Sex and Beatdowns???


I saw the pictures from the 12th Annual Revlon Walk for Women event (to raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer) and I think a beatdown is a brewing.  Jessica Biel was looking none too happy with Ciara and I have a good idea why. Have you seen CiCi and JT in the video for her song, Love Sex  Magic? They got closer than close and we all remember what happened the last time Ciara got sexy with a man in her video, he ended up bangin’ her back out.  Ciara was never extremely innocent but after she started dating 50 cent, she just seemed a little turned out.  She surely doesn’t look like the same girl that was dating little bitty Bow Wow.  At any rate, Ciara felt the need to assure Jessica that nothing was going on between her and her man.  Here’s how Contact Music is reporting it:

CIARA has assured JESSICA BIEL she has nothing to fear after the R&B star shared a steamy kiss with the actress’ boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. The Goodies hitmaker teamed up with Timberlake on new track Love Sex Magic – and the pair enjoy a passionate embrace in the accompanying video. Ciara says, “Kissing him wasn’t bad at all…. …Justin’s a sweetheart, and the whole shoot felt very organic. It all flowed so well.” But the singer insists there is no need for Biel to feel jealous. She adds, “I met her, and she’s very nice. I think she was cool (that I kissed her man). She seems like a confident girl, so there’s nothing for her to worry about.”

If you’ve seen the video then you know that they shared much more than a “steamy kiss.”  And after looking at the pictures of Ciara and Jessica, tell me if you think Jessica is cool with the fact that Ciara kissed her man. The expression on her face is not one that says, “I’m so happy that this girl next to me dry-humped my man!”   and I hope Jessica knows that Ciara is going to be a guest on SNL this Saturday and JT will be hosting…hmmm. I know I’m just starting some drama but who do you think would win in a fight? Ciara or Jessica?

Click here to see the video and pics from the event


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