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Sanaa Lathan-Nice Chick or Rich B*tch?


I have always been a fan of Sanaa Lathan. She’s educated, talented and the epitome of the classic beauty. So now that you know this article is in no way “hating” on Sanaa, I have a few things that I want to discuss.  I keep hearing that she can be a real beeyotch and I’m starting to wonder if her characters are based more on fact than fiction.  She seems to get smacked in every movie that I’ve seen her in.  Love and Basketball? Smacked!, Raisin in the Sun? Smacked!, The Family that Preys? Smacked over the counter at a diner! and yes, I know these are just roles that she is being paid to play but for some reason, I suspect that it’s a little deeper than that.  Don’t actors/actresses always say they take a little piece of each character home with them?  And what’s up with Sanaa and all these random friends that she just seems to keep in her back pocket? 

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