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U Likey or U Hatey?


Eva “The Diva” Marcille has gone through many looks since her days on America’s Next Top Model.  I noticed that she has been sporting locks that have been gradually getting longer and darker.  Some of the syles I like and others not so much.  I must say one of my favs is the pulled back bun it gives her an elegant look. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. What do you think about long hair on Eva? U likey or U hatey?

*Sidenote: Eva dropped her last name Pigford and uses her middle name “Marcille” in it’s place.  I guess she did this because the last name Pigford isn’t very modelesque but now that she’s engaged she may be starting at square one.  When she marries her future husband, if she decides to take his last name, she will be Mrs. Gross. Not that Gross is a horrible last name but it ain’t that far from Pigford.

Eva is also a model for Phlaunt Hair company, you can read about her photoshoot here.

Peep Eva’s Hair gallery after the break!

Cinerama Domeeva8




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3 Responses

  1. kunta says:

    she looks a hot red devil mess!!! the hair plus that crazy ass outfit–a mess

  2. cierra says:

    She looks kunt..ONLY the top of her head the hair is going everywhere.but the hair itself is cute n da outfit.I know fashion.and eva its ok 2 be different.

  3. dominicana says:

    SHE NEED TO STICK TO GOLD IN HER HAIR!, those white ppl makin her ugly.. with darker hair she looks a mess.. come on eve b yourself!

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