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Run It Back-Danger! She Smashed The Homie!


After watching For The Love of Ray-J’s reunion show, I was going to post a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ about all the tomfoolery but it was just an overload of nonsense.  Between Danger looking like she dyed her hair with cherry Kool-Aid and Unique looking like a “Mean Old Lion” there was just too much to say.  In my opinion, he should have went for realness and picked Chardonnay but instead he went for the superficial and picked his Kim Kardashian knockoff.   Hopefully this results in a show for Chardonnay so she can find some love on VH1. Or maybe she can come out with an instructional pole dancing DVD. I’d buy it!  

I had to revisit this classic clip from the show.  This was a great moment for reality tv. If you’ve seen it, watch it again. If you still haven’t seen it, where have you been?

You gotta watch the official music video too.  I may never get this song out of my head!


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