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Double Trouble-*Update*

*This all turned out to be a hoax.  A local radio station sent the impersonator to the museum as a prank.  Everybody’s pranking Bey, who did she piss off?


Beyonce “Imma Diva” Knowles was not kidding when she made that song. She really thinks that the rules don’t apply to her.  While in Vienna on tour, she decided that could not pass up an opportunity to shop and ditched her fans for some new duds.  Instead of attending a pre-scheduled private tour of the Albertina Museum, she and Mama Knowles decided to kick it on the streets of Vienna.  She was seen shopping and carrying on while a look-a-like was at the museum signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and employees of the museum.  How diva is that?  I know she’s a hustla but damn you getting paid for not working. I love me some Beyonce but she really went too far with this one.  She knows she could only get away with something like this in a place like Austria because LAWD knows that woman ain’t look NOTHING like Beyonce.  Does Bey really think we ALL look alike?  Look at the picture and let me know, would you have been fooled?

To see Beyonce and Tina playing hooky as well as the Bootleg Bey, Click Here


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