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Tweet!!!! and I ain’t talkin’ about Twitter!


Ever since this Southern Hummingbird flew on the scene, I have loved her music. Y’all remember Tweet, right? The beautiful face and voice that has been featured on tracks with Timbaland, Missy and Ginuwine.  She debuted her single about self-lovin’ and touchin’ in 2002 and her cd, Southern Hummingbird, was off the chain.   In 2006, she signed to a new label and her third album called Love, Tweet is on it’s way.  Talent runs in the family and it’s evident by the appearance of Tweet’s daughter, Tashawna, on the music scene. On Tweet’s second album, It’s Me Again, Tashawna and Tweet showcased their skills on the song “Two of Us” and Tashawna was a little girl back then.  She’s grown now and  her voice is just as strong  as her mother’s.  I can’t wait to hear more from these two. 


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Peep more pics and video after the break!






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