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I’m on Team Dawn!


After watching the MTB4 reunion, some fans may have been holding out hope that Danity Kane would possibly get back together. It seems like some members were open to it, while others weren’t feeling the idea at all. D.Woods really seemed bitter and if there was some type of reunion cd, I doubt if she would be part of it. She blogged about the whole situation on GlobalGrind, here’s her explanation of the breakup.

“Friends, romans, country men, play cousins, and all my single ladies…lend
me your ears! I’ve learned that many of you may be disappointed and even
upset by the recent course of events with my departure from Danity Kane; I
am as well. However, the evil that men do lives beyond them, the good is
often forgotten, and how quickly we forget how this whole thing started. You
may want to know what happened to bring us to this point, you wonder if it
was real and when the punch line will roll in. You are searching for answers
and closure.

I am truly sorry for the disappointment and even more sorry to
tell you that you will never find the answers or what’s real, while watching
“reality” tv. The concoction of lies, truth, and entertainment has been the
main course on the menu you’ve been eating for quite some time my friends.
However, I am confident that the truth will “come out” when the sh*t hits
the fan, literally!

When that great day comes you can come find me. Uninspired and
malnutritioned as you may be from the mediocracy…you can find me. I’ll be
by myself, standing on a bare stage ready to light a fire in the hearts and
minds of you all. No well oiled machine to crank out thoughts, feelings and
images for you to consume, it will be just me. And we will feed off
each other to create a new movement of what we want to see on stage and on
screen.  I hope you will continue to support me and that I will see you once
I emerge from the constraints of the smoke and mirrors.

The revolution will not be televised…that b*tch went digital! Man against
the machine.”

Ya girl D.woods

The rest of the girls conducted some backstage interviews after the show.  Listen to what they had to say.

To see Shannon’s and Aubrey’s interviews, click here.


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  1. […] listening to Dawn’s interview following the MTB4 reunion, I was very curious about this new group that Diddy was forming.  Dawn […]

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