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Day 26 Strikes Again


These boys will never cease to amaze me.  I feel like every hilarious thing that they do is just for my own personal entertainment.  If you watched the Season Finale of MTB4 then you saw all of the humping, pumping, grinding and gyrating that took place.  Besides the obscene dance moves, I saw a blur of patent leather, sequins, sliced eyebrows and  mohawk designs.  Just a couple of days ago my ears were bleeding because of their TMI interview and now my eyes have been blinded by this mess. Will they ever stop? Why would Diddy allow this to go on? I just don’t get it. And little Donnie, his next album should be called The Rhythm-less Nation.  He always seems to be struggling and then he takes off the shirt just to show us that little bird chest and I guess we’re supposed to be impressed.  I was surprised that most of Danity Kane showed up and clearly they all still hate each other.  I don’t think they will EVER get back together although they tried to leave the fans with some hope. D. Woods looked like she really didn’t want to be there and she sat so far away from Dawn you would think that she was scared of catching MRSA or some other communicable disease.  I still don’t know that Danity Kane fans got any closure.  As soon as they started getting to the nitty gritty as to why they broke up, Daddy Diddy came through and shut all of that talk down.  Even without him being their boss, he is still running thangs.  And at the end of the whole fiasco, it seemed like a shameless plug competition. They all started screaming out their Twitter names and begging for followers….even Diddy joined in the melee.  Did you guys notice that Diddy has already laid claim to Aubrey’s reality show?  As soon as she mentioned it, he said he is getting his cut. I believe it too, he is always gonna get his cut, Diddy will always own every member of all his bands.  And last but not least, I can’t forget about Donnie’s short shirt. It was riding up like an extra small baby-tee.  If you haven’t heard Day 26’s raw interview, click here.


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