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Economic Crisis=Suicide


According to Staten Island News (, David Kellerman, acting CFO of mortgage giant Freddie Mac, has apparently commited suicide.  Freddie Mac has been heavily criticized for reckless business practices and is accused of contributing to the housing and financial crisis. 

It seems that when the going gets tough, the rich get cowardly.  Please don’t think that I am taking this terrible news lightly but it just seems that I have heard this story before.  When the economy began taking a downturn, it seems that everyday I was reading about an exec taking flight off the roof of a high-rise building.  It reminds of the Spike Lee directed movie “She Hate Me,” the employees of the fictional company went berserk after hearing that the organization was going belly-up.  The craziness included suicide as well as the lead character turning into a glorified prostitute.  It’s just crazy.  When the Madoff ponzi scheme was made public, Thierry Magon de La Villehuchet, founder of a hedge fund that invested heavily with Madoff committed suicide.  Not only did he kill himself, he stabbed himself multiple times in the arms and wrist and set up a trash can in order to collect the blood. I am not writing this to be morbid, I just want you to see the drastic measures people have taken when times seemed to get tough.  The mere thought of being broke makes some people turn to possible eternal damnation. Is it that serious?  No more caviar, a Benz instead of a Bentley or even the unthinkable…making your children attend…dare I say it… PUBLIC SCHOOL (GASP)!!!!  Death is always somber and there’s nothing funny about what has happened. All I am saying is thank God I wasn’t born with a silver spoon because the thought of being Broke doesn’t Break me.  It only makes me work harder!


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