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The Groupie Hierarchy

The cast of Candy Girls

The cast of Candy Girls

So, I watched Candy Girls this weekend.  I know it’s not the most interesting show but there were a few tidbits in this episode.  I  was able to get the break down of what I call the groupie food chain.  Here’s my interpretation of the rundown straight from the “professionals”:

The Groupie: She’s the chick that goes to every event in hopes of meeting a star.  The groupie will go anywhere and be everywhere but will never reap any benefits from the celebrity because she’s at the bottom of the barrel.  The most she’ll get is hard d*ck and bubble gum.

The Jump-off: She’s the one that get’s the party started. Her main purpose is to liven things up and get things crackin’.

The Sideline:  If it weren’t for the main chick this girl would be running thangs.  She gets as much, if not more than the main chick (i.e. clothes, money, cars, etc.).  She gets the guy without the baggage.

The Main Chick:  This chick is wifey.  She gets to go to the red carpet events and has access to all privileges.  She has all the cars, clothes and jewelry and actually lives with the baller.

There you have it! Straight from the hoe’s girl’s mouths.  And they should know because I’m sure they’ve filled each position at some point in their lives.   One of the girls must have been paying close attention to her groupie manual because she snagged a baller.  Terricka  received a vist from her baller boyfriend, NFL player Antonio Cromartie and he blessed her with a 20 carat diamond necklace.  How do I know it was 20 carats? Because she asked him as soon as he put it on her neck.  So classy! 

As I was trolling the internet this morning, I came across a disgruntled video chick that had a lot to say about the stars of the show.  If you want to know who’s sleeping with who and who may be a lesbian, click here.

Antonio Cromartie, Terricka Cason, and her daughter Jordan

Antonio Cromartie, Terricka Cason, and her daughter Jordan

If you want to know the latest scoop on Terricka and Antonio (they’re supposedly married now), click here

Other highlights from the episode include star sightings at the All-Star game and Brooke Bailey’s Nipplegate mishap as she walks the runway in a bathing suit fashion show.


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  1. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. Thanks for the link back!

  3. […] So, they didn’t work out? He was just grinding up on her less than a week ago. I hope the poor, delusional girl doesn’t allow him to spit game and keep her as a sideline chick or worse yet, the old faithful jump-off! […]

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