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* A daily review of all things fabulous according to Chicago's hottest housewife*


Ever wondered what happened to Babs Bunny from Da Band? Reece Steele from Miss Rap Supreme? What happens to reality show female rappers. 

Babs has linked up with Lady Luck and Rage to form FEM (Females Earning Money)- a group of female emcees that have been dubbed the realest in hip hop. You might remember Rage from when she was rocking tough with her afro puffs back in the day. Lady Luck has been freestyling underground for years and had an infamous battle with the now incarcerated Remy Ma. Reece Steele, winner of Miss Rap Supreme, has been battle rapping as well as releasing her own videos. 

*Shout out to Proph for requesting this!

For videos of the battles and music from the ladies, click here.

And just for kicks, check out video vixen Angel Lola Luv’s video for her song  Boss B*tch, I don’t know about this one!



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