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Stalker Alert!!!!

Ray-J and Kim Kardashian
Ray-J and Kim Kardashian

It seems like Ray did not get enough of Kim Kardashian.  He had a perfectly fine relationship with her and decided to (allegedly) leak their sex tape to the public and get himself a deal with the porn company.  And now he’s playing himself for a Kim look-alike.  Ray supposedly has an uber-crush on Tanya Mariam, a 24-year old member of the British girl group, FE-NIX.  The two met last year in the UK at the Choice FM carnival party.  Ray immediately honed in on on Tanya and began buying bottles of Cristal for her and her friends.  According to one of Tanya’s friends, Ray-J pursued her all night trying to convince her to go back to his hotel, even though he was in a relationship with Whitney Houston at the time. 

She ended up giving him her number and he continued to call her and even extended his stay in the UK, to try to convince her to go on a date with him.  For Christmas, he sent her some expensive jewelry that she returned back to him and  since then he has been contacting her and promising to fly her out to his home, here in the U.S.  Why is he so thirsty? Why does he spend all of his big sister’s money just to floss like it’s his?  He has some albums but who really bought any of them? Let’s be real.  Ray-J just needs to stop.  When random chicks from little known girl groups won’t give you any play, it might be time to get a clue.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Tanya Mariam-Doesn't she look JUST like Kim?

Tanya Mariam-Doesn't she look JUST like Kim? (Minus the booty)

And since we’re on the subject, doesn’t Cocktail from “For the Love of Ray-J” resemble them too?



Joanna "Cocktail" Hernandez

Joanna "Cocktail" Hernandez


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