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Eye Candy

Video vixens are confessing on talk shows, writing books and now they’re starring in reality shows. On March 8th, E! network premiered “Candy Girls.”  The show spotlights Danielle, the owner of Bella Modeling Agency,  as she casts women for music videos, event shows and album release parties.  I was very excited for this show to air because I thought it was going to be the perfect addition to my reality show line-up.  It definitely is not what I expected. I can’t understand how a house full of video chicks makes for such a boring show.  The highlight of the entire series is that the agency’s stylist, April, is Tyson Beckford’s ex-girlfriend and is the mother of his son.  April actually thinks that he’ll marry her.  Sorry girlfriend,  but that’s never gonna happen. Everytime she talks about Tyson, I want to sing that new Ciara song to her.  “If that boy don’t love you by now, He will NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER love you.”  Poor, delusional girl. 

The preview looked hot but the show fell flat.

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