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Someone Please Call 911


According to TMZ, mega producer Scott Storch has been arrested for Grand Theft Auto.  He allegedly leased a Bentley but never returned it.  It took the leasing company 7 months to find the vehicle!!  Storch pled not guilty in Broward County Court last Friday.  This is not Storch’s first brush with the law.  Last year a warrant was issued for his arrest, in Miami, due to his failure to show up to a child support hearing.  What’s even funnier is that last year, a Bentley owned by Lil Kim was repossessed.  Who gave it to her??? Scott Storch! How quickly things change. I remember when Scotty was flossin’ on yachts and on MTV cribs. Now he’s stealing Bentleys??? Damn! I hope he gets it together soon.  He’s worked on hits for everybody and now he’s struggling.  Well, I hope he doesn’t end up working at Walmart with Amil.



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