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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Two fabulous movies are premiering this month.   “American Violet” stars heavy-hitter, Alfre Woodard and newcomer, Nicole Beharie. It’s set during the 2000 election and tells the true story of a 24-year old single mother who is wrongfully convicted during a drug raid.  “The Soloist” chronicles the friendship between a homeless man played by Jamie Foxx and a journalist, played by Robert Downey Jr.  The movie hits theaters on April 24th.

The Bad:

Cassie has released a new single featuring The Dream.  It makes me wonder if this is why she cut her hair? To drum up some publicity.  The Dream being on your album does not guarantee a hit.  Cut the hair all the way off, get a hot lace front and get back in the studio cuz The Radio Killa did not kill this one. Holla!

I watched the G’s to Gents Season Two reunion and I just HAD to post a picture of Bentley’s new ‘do.  I know he’s part of Kanye’s Booty Brigade  but this is just too much. U Likey or U Hatey?  Me Hatey!!


The Ugly:


Real and Chance are coming back for another season.  If you watched the Stallionaires last season then you probably know what I know.  The reason that they haven’t found love with any women is because they are clearly in love with each other.

My life will be complete when I found out what kind of weave Real is rocking. He got that Indi Remi, Wavy when Wet, Hawaiian Silky.  How much do y'all think a pack costs?
My life will be complete when I found out what kind of weave Real is rocking. He got that Indi Remi, Wavy when Wet, Hawaiian Silky. How much do y’all think a pack costs?

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  1. incognegro says:

    LMFAO – Great post!!! You are definitely right on with “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The Ugly.” I am really looking forward to seeing the American Violet film, apparently the star Nicole Beharie is not just a pretty face – and has a BFA from Julliard to boot, so I am glad to see trained actors get their shine. Regarding “The Bad” – Cassie just needs to create a fashion line, and just rip the runway on a regular basis, because the only hits that Diddy would like to give Cassie, is the one that will find her in the local clinic and/or Planned Parenthood.

    And last but not least, “The Ugly”, those cats are as fruity as they come. The reason they cannot seem to find the right woman, is because they are perfectly satisfied with each other. Definitely Mz Honey material.

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