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Miss Honey of The Week

Miss Honeys are everywhere.  A Miss Honey is that person at the mall, the club or even the grocery store that just makes you look twice.  They are doing their thing and could care less what you think about it. They offer us fashion tips, makeup advice and sometimes even counsel us on our relationships.  And let’s be honest they do provide us with some comic relief too. They’re fly, fabulous and fierce. 

Martin Louis the King Jr.

Martin Louis the King Jr.

 This week’s Miss Honey is none other than The Louis Vuitton Don himself, Kanye West. He hails from the great city of Chicago and is a musical genius.  He’s a multi-platinum artist, has written and/or produced songs for various artists and has now debuted his very own line of sneakers for Louis Vuitton as well as Nike.  He’s livin’ the good life and loving it.  Listen to him discuss who inspires his style in the video below:

For more pics and video of Miss Honey looking FIERRRRRCCEEEEE, click here.


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  1. […] that.  Kanye is not so obviously playing for the other team but at the very least he’s a bit suspect.    This is clearly a relationship of convenience, Kanye’s in it for his image and […]

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