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A New Boo for Chris Breezy???


Chris Brown supposedly has a new girlfriend.  He was seen leaving a tattoo parlor in Hollywood with an “unknown” woman on April 11th.  It has since been discovered that the mystery woman is Natalie Mejia of girl group, Girlicious. I don’t know about this, it could be a publicity stunt.  I can see it helping out Natalie’s career because I don’t think anyone even knows her group exists. But I don’t see what’s in it for Chris.   In my opinion, he should stay out of the public eye with women, at least until after the trial is over.  If they are a couple, I really hope that she’s mastered the art of breathing with no air.  My advice for her; Stay out of Lambos, don’t check text messages and wear lots of Vaseline (he won’t be able to hold you down and get any lucky bites in!).  Natalie, watch your back!!

Chris Brown shows us his prized possession

Chris Brown shows us his prized possession


Check out more pics of Beauty and The Beast, here.



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  1. incognegro says:

    I totally agree – Chris Breezy needs to lay low, hell – he might even want to consider joining a convent for a couple of years! Because this whole Suge-Knight swag that he has going on definitely is not a good look for his 15 year-old female fan base. But when I think about it, for adults it may be hard to fathom children carrying-on violently with each other especially in a relationship; however, as per Oprah’s exposee on the whole Rihanna/Chris drama (which was a little unfounded), apparently children have been beating on each other for years – so maybe CB is becoming a poster-child for a new psychotic trend (you don’t put hickey’s on each other’s necks anymore, you just black each other’s eyes…that’s love – wtf). Either way, the sh_t is extremely dysfunctional and distructive, and Chris really needs to get his mind right – and I don’t think kicking it with strange women, drinking like a fish, or sea-dooing is what the doctor ordered!

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