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The B*tch is Back!



Tiffany “New York” Pollard is returning to VH1.  Her first series, “I Love New York”  was a hit but her last show “New York goes to Hollywood” flopped.  She tried to be an actress and as we can see from her roles or lack there of, she has failed miserably.  She returns to reality t.v. but this time there’s a twist.  According to the VH1 press release:

“Each week America will choose from a list of three possible job opportunities and vote via their mobile phones by texting which job they would like to see Tiffany try. Will she be a Cal Trans sewer worker, a mortuary beautician, or a fast food employee?  It will be up to you.  And don’t think it will be easy for Tiffany.  She’ll be worked, in all aspects of the job!  Why again is she doing this?  For the money of course.  If she can impress her new employers, she’ll receive a $5,000 bonus each week.  But, if she quits, fails, or gets fired, she’ll get absolutely nothing.”

So, we get to decide Tiffany’s fate.   I have a vote to cast!! Can we just vote this chick off t.v.????



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