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Atlanta’s Newest Housewife

Newest ATL Housewife-Kandi Burruss

Newest ATL Housewife-Kandi Burruss

None of us can wait for the second season of Bravo’s realest housewives to air. I’m especially excited because I hear that there is gonna be DRAMA!!!  The loveable DeShawn Snow was booted off the show and will be replaced with Kandi Burruss, former member of R&B group Xscape.  Kandi beat competitors Angie Stone and Ralph Tresvant’s ex-wife for the spot.   Word on the street is that a lot of skeletons will be hopping out of her closet. This doesn’t surprise me though because she’s best friends with Tiny. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is rapper T.I.’s girlfriend and mother two of his sons.  She also delivered a stillborn daughter in 2007 , who was also fathered by T.I.  I know if T.I.’s baby mama is in any way affiliated with this show, there is bound to be some mess POPPIN’ OFF!! 

Now I wonder if they are going to address all that drama that happened last season.  After the show aired it seemed like everybody’s business was on the streets. First, Nene was allegedly evicted from the luxury home that was featured on the show.  The home ended up being a rental property and was not even owned by the family.  The Leakes owed over $6,000 in back rent. 

Sheree also has some dirt going on as well.  Back when she was 19, she was arrested twice in her hometown, Ohio, for theft.  And that ain’t the half of it.  Sheree had a daughter when she was 15 years old. But that’s not the bad part!! She doesn’t claim her own daughter. She calls her “a close friend” whenever she refers to her.  She also has two younger children fathered by ex-NFLer, Bob Whitfield. She actually allowed these kids to be on the show…a little bit.  Look at the pic below of her kids and her “close friend”.   Bitch Please!

Sheree and ALL THREE of her children

Sheree and ALL THREE of her children


Sheree has also been evicted from her crib-that’s not in her name.  She was also caught speeding and claimed that she couldn’t afford proper representation so she requested a PUBLIC DEFENDER.  She is also being sued by her attorneys for unpaid legal fees.  The amount has accrued to almost $70,000, probably due to her divorce.  What is she gon’ do y’all??? She was trying to get 7 figures in her divorce settlement and that didn’t happen. She also claimed that she can’t get a job because she isn’t educated enough.

Now on to half-wig wearin’ Kim.  Her townhouse is supposedly up for sale.  She bought it in 2006 for $486,000 but it was only worth $371,000 by 2007.  Wait a MINUTE!!! Why the hell does she live in a townhouse anyway?  I thought this show was about living LARGE. And what about Big Poppa?  Kim broke up with him but is now dating billionaire doctor Stefan Lemperle.  Stefan is in a pickle right now because he decided to inject some wrinkle filler, unapproved by the FDA, in his patients and ended up losing his gig as CEO of Artes Medical and gained a host of other legal issues. Dumb ASS!

Now for sweet Lisa.  She couldn’t possibly have any drama, right???  WRONG! She filed for bankruptcy in 2007  after being sued for $150,000 that was loaned to her by her ex-husband Keith Sweat.  He loaned her this money for some movie called Blackball.  I ain’t never heard of this movie. She probably took that money straight to the Prada store.  Or was sticking it straight down Ed Hartwell’s thong.

Let me not fail to mention, Lisa has a whole bunch of aliases.  Sharon Millette Wu, Sharon Lisa Sweat, Lisa Wu-Sweat and the latest Lisa Wu-Hartwell.  Why all the names? Who is she running from?  Bravo TV is not the best hiding spot.  I wonder if Ed thought this one through…hmmm.  Lisa also has two sons fathered by Keith Sweat.  He has full custody and will not allow the boys to appear on the show.

So there you have it. I hope they address some of this drama on the new season.  If not, I’m sure there will be all kind of new scandal to discuss.  Poor DeShawn, there was no way that she could compete with all this!  The old housewives better watch it though.  Kandi and Tiny look like they can beat a chick down!!

The Real Housewives attend the 2009 Bravo A-List Awards

The Real Housewives attend the 2009 Bravo A-List Awards

She looks like she has drama. Right?

She looks like she has drama. Right?

Besties-Fantasia Barrino, Tiny Cottle and Kandi Burruss

Besties-Fantasia Barrino, Tiny Cottle and Kandi Burruss

Sheree and her daughter, Tierra at Sheree's fashion show. They edited all of this out!

Sheree and her daughter, Tierra at Sheree's fashion show. They edited all of this out!






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  2. incognegro says:

    It is driving me up the wall how reality television has become a national anthem for opulence and wealth, when in fact half of these folks don’t have a pot to piss in. MTV is in their bleach-blonde-spoiled-sweet-16-making-the-brand craze, and BET is trying to keep up with half-wit black remixes of these MTV shows (how insulting). It appears as though the main objective of the media is to make the mostly lower-middle-class (because the middle-class is a myth…its just the wealthy and the rest of us – lol) feel inadequate about ourselvs. Everyone on television and/or on magazine covers are deathly thin, rich, and fabulous – and the sad thing is, its the struggling citizens of the world who are supplying them the riches. We have to learn how to filter what we process, particularly when the media is involved, but it is definitely easier said than done – because reality tv is addictive as hell!

    Lastly, this post, further depicts how things are not always what they seem. There are trade offs to life, some may be blessed financially, others with a great family – end of the day, everyone has their blessings, and we should be happy with that and not covet anyone else’s happiness…because the grass may not be greener on the other side. And trust, when you get to the point where you wish you could switch places with anyone else, I guarantee, if you look closer you will realize that your life is that much more manageable.

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