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Dazed and Confused

Rihanna has been seen everywhere since the alleged assault occurred between her and Chris Breezy.  She seems to be doing better but there’s also something a little off about her.  Don’t get me wrong, she has every right to be discombobulated considering everything that she’s been through.  But she reminds me of that chick in the neighborhood that’s pretty but kinda roams around aimlessly.  New guys in the neighborhood ask, “Who dat? She fine.”  But everybody tells them, “Dawg, she crazy as hell.”  So, I’ve started referring to her as Crazy Ass Rih Rih. Check out her pics and you be the judge!


Image Credit: Socialite life, Rihanna Daily, Ultimate-Rihanna, I’m Not Obsessed


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  1. incognegro says:

    I totally agree – something about Rihanna has appeared really off lately; and it is not as though I know this chick, but she just seems emotionally and psychologically unstable lately. But I could just imagine…1.)you were viciously assaulted by someone who you cared for deeply (or not so deeply – you be the judge), 2.) reenactments,pictures, etc. of your experience have become fodder for late night comedians, 3.)your blossoming career has now taken a dark turn, and 4.) you got Oprah and Tyra Banks (and their wack wigs) calling you out on national television as if they were there (Oprah’s roasting you???) – that’s too much for anyone to handle.

    But it is good to see that she is keeping her fashion wits about herself, with the exception of that 79th-Street-Gel-And-Weave-Pepe-Le-Pew-Mohawk…lawd, RiRi give it up, that hairstyle will never catch on – hell, it might catch on fire, which Tyra Banks (Mrs. Me Too) will be talking about next (”when I was super-model my weave caught on fire too!!!”) lmao

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