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Angels Can’t Help But Laugh

  Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending a movie premiere for a documentary directed by Terri J. Vaughn. You might remember Terri’s character Lavita, the secretary,  from The Steve Harvey Show.  She produced this documentary to highlight the struggle that African-American actresses face in finding quality roles in Hollywood.  Terri sat down with 25  Black, female actresses and spoke with them about their experiences. Although this film was geared towards the television and film industry, it appeals to women of all walks of life.  This film was very empowering and that was largely due to the fact that the women were so relatable.  These were all stars that we recognize but they were speaking so candidly that you almost felt a connection with them. It was like having a conversation with your best girlfriends in your living room.  Angels Can’t Help But Laugh is the first film produced by Terri’s production company Nina Holiday Entertainment.  To purchase this movie, check out the website here.  After the viewing there was a panel discussion about the topics that were addressed in the movie.  I attended the event with Yami Newell, Agency Coordinator with The Greater Chicago Food Depository and Ardis Hartfield, Marketing Manager for Motorola, Inc.  See their take on the movie in the video below.

Viewer Chuck Watson, web developer and founder of cwviscom, shares his thoughts on the film

A lively discussion takes place concerning the film between Yami Newell, Chuck Watson and Arnold E. Toole, Esq. (Toole Law Office, LLC)


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