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Danger, She Smashed the Homie!

Have you guys been watching For the Love of Ray J?  If so, then you have probably seen the manly roster of “women” vying for his attention.  If we’ve learned nothing else from this show, we’ve learned that Tom Green is still funny and women will do anything to get on t.v. 

I have a couple of  questions concerning this show:

1) Why does Ray J wear a red fur coat around the house?  Aren’t they in L.A.?

2) Why doesn’t Unique wear a bra? She waits until his family comes to town before she decides to hike those pancakes up.

3) Is Ray’s grandmother senile? She was a sweet old lady but she just didn’t seem all there.

4) Was Mrs. Norwood screaming  No, No, No, to Ray J as adamantly as she was last night when he was bangin’ Kim Kardashian’s back out for everyone to see?  She was really acting like Ray J was some sweet, innocent 7-year old. I hope she realizes that he’s already hittin’ all of those girls off.  Seems like someone has a bit of an Oedipus complex.  Anyone else notice that?

5) Did Mr. Norwood have an Omega tat on his hand?  Oh, those crazy college days always come back to bite that ass.

So, Danger was outed for dating some of Ray J’s friends and doing the nasty with one of them.   I can’t fault her though, I bet if they sat down and compared notes he probably hit some of her friends too. We know Ray J ain’t no virgin either.  I just wonder how in the hell she would know his friends already.  But we know that half the girls looking for love on reality shows always end up being bustdowns (see: skeezers) anyway. For those of you who haven’t seen the show yet, Tom Green’s song went something like this, “You got three girls, they’re all cute.  But Danger, she knocked the boots.”  Chorus: “Danger! She smashed the Homie! Danger! She smashed the homie! ”  This could be a smash hit.  Watch it here.


Speaking of bustdowns, Caviar, from Ray J’s show is now giving Bobby Valentino some groupie luv.  I can’t figure out if that’s a step up or down. What do you think? Who’s a bigger man-whore? Ray Or Bobby?

Caviar and Bobby Valentino

Caviar and Bobby Valentino

 Caviar also has a part in Twista’s new video “Wetter.”  Big ups to the Chi!!   Check out the video below

Is that Beautiful from Flavor of Love on the motorcycle??? It looks like her and I know she’s from Chicago. Watch the video again and let me know.


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