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Happy Anniversary!

Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their first wedding anniversay on April 4th.  The gorgeous couple was spotted lunching on Sunday at Pastis French Bistro in NYC.  Check out their pics below!

Speaking of Bey, who’s gonna go see that Obsessed movie?  I am gonna give it a chance and see how it goes. I love Idris as an actor but I am NOT feeling the lack of facial hair. He’s looking kinda like one of those artist sketches that you see after your local 7 Eleven has been robbed. I hope that I’m not sorely disappointed when I go see this. There’s an interesting feature on the site that includes a stalker and a chatbox. I won’t explain, just check it out here. Peep the trailer below!


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  1. incognegro says:

    How do you say this delicately….um…, I think they call it “Straight to DVD”(smdh) Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to music, the Knowles got it down; however when it comes to movies, the only contribution they should make is to the soundtrack. Beyonce has one character, that is Sasha Fierce!!! Sasha’s ass made an appearance in Austin Powers (Yawn), The Pink Panther (dozing off) Dreamgirls (thank goodness for JHUD, because my ass almost fell asleep). She has no range as an actress, and needs to keep that ass singing and dancing – because once the music stops, so does the talent. I think the movie has potential, but it isn’t something that we haven’t seen or heard on Lifetime. But trust – once the stans get a hold of this, they will swear that this movie is the best thing since sliced bread; and the devil was a liar!!!!

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