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What’s up with that Nuvo?

nuvoYou’ve heard mention of it in song lyrics from T-Pain to Fabolous. Maybe you’ve seen the ultra-chic bottle being clutched by your favorite artist in a recent music video. So, what is that pretty pink drink? It’s Nuvo L’Espirit De Paris, the world’s first sparkling liqueur.  Created by Raphael Yakoby,  the same genius that brought us Hpnotiq, Nuvo is elegant, classy and refreshing.  The combination of ultra-premium French vodka, coupled with a dash of sparkling French wine and natural fruit juices makes this a drink to remember.  This sheer pink ambrosia is housed in a gorgeous glass container inspired by designer perfume bottles.  Nuvo looks beautiful, tastes great and is the must-have accessory for anyone living the glam life.  To top it all off, a portion of all proceeds is donated to breast cancer research.  So, the next time that you’re out toasting the good life, grab a bottle of Nuvo.  Hey, if you overindulge…you can always blame it on the alcohol.

Drink Pink!!


Jamie Foxx sharing Nuvo love


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One Response

  1. Proph says:

    No offense yall, might be a great drink, but fellas is sus if you in the club with this extra delicate bottle…Ppl be sippin it tho do you…i guess

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