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We all remember Chia pets right?  Those horrid little clay-like animals that grew nasty green foliage that was supposed to resemble fur after adding water. They’ve always creeped me out and now the company just went and did something worse. Look at this hot mess!

AND they have the nerve to have TWO poses!!! Of allllll the facial expressions in the world to choose from, who decided to go with “Happy and Determined?” What the hell is “Happy Chia Obama” smiling about anyway? This is some disrepectful crap. The man is the Leader of the Free World and we make a Chia Pet out of him.  Hm…Hm..Hm.  The First Lady already had to pump the brakes on the production of Sasha and Malia beanie babies.


Although these dolls are cute, you just can’t go around selling anything you want and attaching the Obama name to it. That goes for all y’all who sold all those bootleg shirts too!! I can’t lie some of those shirts were hot though…and I might have copped a few. BUT Chia Obama is wayyyy too far. What’s next? Michelle  O’Barbie??????

*Editor’s update: After various Walgreens locations refused to stock Chia Obama, the makers have decided to pull the product from all Walgreens stores. Hopefully, they’ll just stop making this atrocity, period.


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