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Whispers in the Skreets…

Did u hear that Rihanna and Kanye are supposedly doing a song together? I also heard that they may be doing more than singin’ in the studio. I remember when they toured together, I had heard whispers about them gettin’ it in. But at that time, Rih Rih was still with Mike Tyson so I guess the rumors didn’t stick. Well, they’re BACCCCKKKKKK… what do you guys think about this? They make a pretty cute couple, right? Of course, he’s supposedly dating Amber Rose but who knows what’s up with that. And Rihanna fits right in with his type of girl (i.e. former gf Brook Crittendon) and I did notice him getting all those free feels on Keri Hilson at her video shoot (check out the vid below). All of these girls are beautiful and fashionable and thats right up Yeezy’s alley. We all know that Kanye enjoys the company of pretty boys….errr ummm…I meant pretty girls. That’s what I said…pretty GIRLS!!


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  1. […] I don’t know why it’s such a revelation on these other gossip sites because I reported on that a long time ago.  They’ve probably been dating since before she broke up with Chris Breezy.  Could’ve […]

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