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The Reality Wrap-Up

Ok, so by now you all have seen or heard about the sh*tstorm that is Day26.  Oh Qwanell, what the hell???  Is this brotha on crack? Is he a paranoid schizophrenic?  I can’t understand what his deal is.  I would say that the fame is getting to him but just last week he was eating Ramen noodles out of a cereal bowl, so it can’t be that. And what about Diddy’s no bitchassness rule?  That just flew all out the window.There are more tears on this show than Romantic Movie Sunday on Lifetime. I almost thought I was watching a rerun of The Bad Girl’s Club until  I realized there were no annoying blondes and that this fight wasn’t on the streets of Cancun.  I can’t quite put my finger on this Que character.  Will mentioned that he could be an alien…hmmm..that’s a possibility. Especially considering the fact that no self-repecting 20 year old from THIS planet would rock those hideous raper man (creepy neighborhood pedophile) glasses so proudly.  If I didn’t think he was crazy before, I sure do after this episode.  Sidenote: Did anyone notice Robert’s  deep-V pink-striped cardigan sweater that he was rockin’ in the studio? I could’ve sworn I saw that same sweater at Ann Taylor Loft last week. Good look, Rob… hmmmm.

 The raper man glasses make an appearance at approximately 4:46

Can’t wait to tune in next week when Diddy attempts to “remove the situation from that situation” whatever the hell he meant by that.

Speaking of  bad girls, the Bad Girl’s club reunion aired this week.  Perez Hilton hosted and I’m glad that they got rid of that  skinny b*tch Starr Jones.  Perez was an absolute joy!  He put all those chicks on blast especially Ailea. He absolutely hated her!  But hey, I hated all those skanks at one time or another.   This reunion was chock full of cussin’, fussin’ and fightin’.  These girls still hate each other and nothing is gonna change that.  Nothing is gonna make Amber admit that she had sex with that buffneck either. Girl, just tell the truth and shame the devil! WE  all saw that condom wrapper on the floor and like he said “It wasn’t no candy wrapper.”

That brings us to College Hill.

What’s up with these kids??? Too many fights in too little time. So to kick off the tomfoolery, Kyle and Milan get into it before the cast even makes it to the house.  But she had a point, what straight man can point out a pair of BCBG pumps while they’re still on a woman’s feet?!  So, he gets mad when she calls out his feminity. Too bad we already figured that one out, Mz. Honey! That little conflict just opened the door to more drama. Finally ending in Terri getting booted from the show after her tussle with Milan.  If you can’t fight ladies and gents, please don’t try. This girl popped a lot of shiznit and ended up getting rocked!! Too much mouth.   And she should know not to talk all that trash when her tracks are that loose. Milan snatched all that weave out!!

That’s your reality wrap-up for this week! 

Make your comments and leave me with your thoughts.

Ciao Bellas and Bellos!!!


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2 Responses

  1. incognegro says:

    Hilarious post (lmfao) – I swear I need reality television like I need a hole my head! Half these folks are just ridiculous, but Making the Band is like that ready rock (not that I know anything about ready rock…I’m a pusher – mannnnn!!!), once that sh_t gets in your system, you get addicted. But I have to say that I wasn’t checking for College Hill, but I had to tune in to see that young beat down Milan put down on Terri (lol). I wish they would not have broke it up (let dem hoes fight *juke mix playing in the background*), because I really wanted to see Milan go in…but another dream for another day. Until next episode…

  2. letsgetit09 says:

    wait for it….wait for it…!!! raper man glasses r hideous. thought i was the only one who noticed that. whoever made this site, this is hot. my new go to spot!!

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