The Real Housewife of Cook County


* A daily review of all things fabulous according to Chicago's hottest housewife*

So…you’ve heard of those OTHER housewives???

We’ve heard of The Real Housewives of Orange County, NYC, and of course, our favorites, ATL. The newest cast of Housewives hail from Jersey and are slated to premiere May 12 on Bravo. Every new season had me enthralled with the reckless spending, catfights and all around drama.  All the ingredients needed to reel me in and have me totally addicted!  Each group of ladies brings all types of juicy scandal to primetime cable and I tune in weekly. But they continue to skip over the WINDY CITY !  Chi-Town is drippin’ in scandal. Way back in the day, we were the epicenter of MOB activity.  We are home to crooked governors and sheisty senators (Blago, Burris…u know the details!). So If they want drama, we got DRAMA.

But besides all that, we have class. We have style. We have Michigan Ave…the Mag Mile for goodness sake.  We are the birthplace of  The Louis Vuitton Don.  We are home to the hottest First Family that this nation has ever seen!!  So if  The Real Housewives won’t come to the Chi…I am here to rep for Windy.  So sit back, relax and enjoy seeing life through the eyes of a diva from Crook…err umm… I mean COOK County!!!


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  1. sassy says:

    I totally agree with you it is well overdue!!!


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